Meet the Team


Head brewer here at HQ Brew.

They're a mischievous character; light hearted, witty and downright cheeky. But professionally, they're extremely creative, resourceful and reliable (between all the pranks). At the end of a hard day, they'll be found at the Harlequin nailing several pints of blonde. From half glasses, of course.


Business development, sales management.

The real brains of the operation (despite what Harley may have you believe). Bina knows how to get sh*t done. She is sassy and frivolous amongst her friends, but at work; she's the ultimate professional - polite, rational, calm and astute. In fact, she's the closest we have to an intellectual here. She likes to wind down in the evening over a few pints of traditional bitter.


Our guy for digital design and visual graphics.

A quiet lad. He keeps himself to himself, mainly communicating through gesticulation and eye rolls. We've not seen him much at the brewery since he realised he could do most of his work from home. Thinking about it, he's impossible to work with. He prefers hanging out with his pet chameleon to actual humans. But leave him to his own devices, he always gets the job done before a few pints of stout.


Quality control.

He used to be our handyman. Only...he's not that handy. He's in quality control now, if you get me. You know when you start a project with a mate and you realise the best way they can help is to stay out of the way? Yea. Mark is clumsy, coarse and woefully ignorant. He does know his beer though. Whilst unfussy on style, his favourites are Harley's stronger, fuller flavoured and more experimental creations.